Dwight Illinois Fall Festival – Basset Waddle

Dwight Illinois Fall Festival – Basset Waddle

Guardian Angel Basset Rescue is the sponsoring organization for the Basset Waddle – the highlight of the annual Dwight Illinois Healthcare Fall Festival. Every fall several hundred basset hounds walk the route of the parade with their owners in tow. The GABR hopes to top a thousand bassets in this year’s parade. Basset owners from all over the Midwest – and as far away as Canada – start lining up according to state. When everyone is together, the announcer calls out “Ready to Waddle?” Now the fun begins! Imagine yourself walking down the street in the company of hundreds of other proud basset owners and their pets! The children love it, and everyone is smiling and happy. If your basset is too old or tired to join the parade, there are pooped-pup wagons which will carry you and your pet along the parade route. Some pooped-pup owners bring their own decorated wagons (and dogs). Besides the Waddle, there is also a contest for the basset with the best costume. By the end of Waddle day there are lots of tired but-happy bassets and owners. Old friends have been greeted and new friends made. And the best part is that your participation helps fund the GABR’s efforts to find owners for homeless bassets.

On Waddle day bassets that are available to be adopted can be obtained from the Dwight healthcare adoption tent. If you want to adopt a homeless basset, you should fill out an application online before the Waddle, to be approved by the day of the Waddle. There are lots of great dogs who would love you to give them a home. Every day there are thousands of dogs – some of whom were loved once, some of whom were never loved – which die in shelters, or are left abandoned and alone. Every one of these innocent animals was brought into the world by human action or inaction. Of course, it is impossible to save every suffering being in the world; but saving those whom we can makes a big difference to them. Fostering can be very challenging, since many dogs come into the foster home frightened, battle-scarred, and emotionally trashed. But many dogs go on to live in homes with love.

GABR rescues Illinois and Indiana basset hounds who are in bad situations. Once we have the basset, we give it any Dwight hospital vet care it needs (that is our biggest expense) and then place it in a foster home. After the basset has been evaluated by the foster home, GABR adoption coordinators find the dog a good home. In 2008 over three hundred basset hounds were rescued and placed in homes. But GABR’s good works extend to more than bassets: GABR helps rescue other breeds as well as cats, and works closely with humane societies and other groups.

Dwight healthcare for abandoned and forsaken basset hounds starts with Dwight hospital vet care and foster home nurturing. The annual Basset Waddle at Dwight Illinois healthcare Fall Festival is a not-to-be-missed event!

History of the Braidwood Illinois Riots

History of the Braidwood Illinois Riots

Nineteenth century Braidwood, Illinois was a wild and rowdy place. The town was built on top of coal, and it attracted hardy miners from the east. Braidwood sprouted like a mushroom after rain, practically overnight. James Braidwood sank the first coal shaft in 1872, and within a year over two thousand people had moved to Braidwood. Miners were a rough and tumble crowd: most of the early city inhabitants were of Irish stock, but there were also poor people from practically all the countries of Europe. Considering that the population of Braidwood consisted of immigrants from many countries, it is not surprising to see that there were conflicts about religion and politics; and these conflicts sometimes erupted violently. In April 1876 a closely contested election was held for officers for the town of Braidwood.

Just before the polls closed, fights broke out near the Braidwood Illinois healthcare facility and Braidwood hospital, resulting in a general melee. Marshall Simms searched the crowd and then arrested Pat Creeley, a ringleader of the rebellion. Creeley did not resist the arresting officers, but the crowd tried to wrestle Simms to the ground. The Marshall drew his gun, with the intention of using it as a club. The crowd then attempted to grab the gun away from him. Simms retreated, leaving Creeley with the crowd. By this time the general melee increased, and a number of innocent bystanders were assaulted and beaten. The quickness of the attacks gave a sense of victory to the rioters. The violence then calmed down; however not for long. There was a spirit of violence and rioting abroad, which resulted in an attack upon the polls. The mob again triumphed, thus stealing the entire records of the election. One poll counter for the Republican party who had tried to save the ballot count list he had made was beaten senseless by the unmerciful mob. And, there were no further arrests.

By the next year, 1877, things took a turn for the worse as the entire nation was in the throes of a depression. Jobs were scarce everywhere, and workers with good-paying jobs like Braidwood healthcare workers had to accept pay cuts to keep what they could. Trains stopped, shops closed, machinery fell idle. In the coalfields the demand for coal fell radically as factories cut back production or failed altogether. In April of 1877 the coal companies demanded that their miners take a pay cut. The winter pay rate went from 90 to 65 cents per ton mined; and the summer rate went from 85 to 70 cents per ton. The miners retaliated by going on strike. The mining companies brought in outside strikebreakers including “black legs” – train carloads full of blacks from the impoverished rural South – who were hired on a daily basis. By the end of July 1877 a crisis boiled over, when the striking miners formed groups to maim or kill all of the strikebreakers in town, especially the black legs. The county officials and police, feeling overwhelmed, called for help from the governor. Governor Cullom responded by sending 1,300 soldiers to the riot scene to restore civil order (two hundred of the force eventually invested and occupied the city for weeks).

The governor himself visited Braidwood and urged calm, and guaranteed equal protection. Then the situation calmed down, and at length the strike was broken. Some black miners departed, but a number of them stayed on, working in their own shafts and raising families Braidwood, Illinois. Today, if you are looking for quality Braidwood Illinois healthcare, look no further than Riverside Medical center. Riverside can provide you information on their top notch Braidwood healthcare system and the Braidwood hospital.

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Great Car Deals in Illinois

Great Car Deals in Illinois

There are hundreds of car dealerships throughout the state of Illinois that are trying to give their customers the best deals. Getting people into the dealerships is the hardest part of a dealerships job. Most of the time it is not about the type of car that a person wants, it is what they can afford, and what they are able to finance depending on their financial situations, so there will be a lot of wheeling, dealing, and negotiating involved. The popular belief is that it is much easier to work at a used car dealership where the dealership has a lot more selections of used car brands. Others believe that dealerships that only deal with one car brand is the best. All of them have their own perks that bring people in looking for a car. Most of the financial incentives are in selling brand new cars with top of the line features, but many people cannot afford to buy a brand new car, so they are visiting the used car dealerships looking for the best deals. The great thing about newer car dealerships, is that they also have a number of used cars that have great perks.

Vermillion Chevrolet in Tilton, Illinois are selling new 2010 Chevrolet Avalanches, Aveo, Camaro, Cobalt, Corvette, and Equinox vehicles for less than $ 50,000. All of these dealerships are having different sales going on that could save people hundreds of dollars on new and used cars. Worden Martin Nissan is another great new and used car dealership that offer the best deals for their cars. At Worden Martin Nissan they have cars for under $ 12,000, such as the 2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder.

2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder

The Toyota Spyder is a candy red shiny two door, two seat, convertible car with a manual transmission, 53,000 miles on it for a cost of $ 10,900 in Savoy, Illinois. The car has power locks, windows, and mirrors. Depending on the inventory supply, a person can get a great sales price for this car that could be less than $ 10,000.

2002 Nissan Pathfinder LE 4WD

The Nissan Pathfinder is a five door SUV with a powered moon roof, and an automatic transmission with over 124,000 miles on it for $ 9,900 in Savoy, Illinois. The car is clean with only one owner. It has a six CD changer, and audio is also located on the steering wheel for easier access to turn the radio up or down. A person who buys this SUV may get a great deal that is under $ 9000 depending on the dealerships inventory.

2004 Nissan Maxima SE

The Nissan Maxima SE is a metallic red four door automatic Sedan with over 116,000 miles on it, for a price of $ 11,900 in Savoy, Illinois. It is a pre-owned car with only one owner that has heated front seats and a heated steering wheel, as well as power folding mirrors. A person can get a better sales price for this vehicle depending on the current inventory.

1995 Saturn S Series

For people on a budget, the 1995 Saturn S is a purple, four door Sedan with over 111,000 miles on it, selling at $ 2,400.

The brand new vehicles that are offered at Worden Martin Nissan are:

2011 Buick Enclave CXL-2

The 2011 Buick Enclave is a white diamond tricoat five door SUV selling for $ 45,365 in Champaign, Illinois. The SUV gets 17 miles per gallon in the city, and 24 on the highway. The car has heated mirrors, heated front and passenger seats, a powered sun roof and sky light, chrome wheels, bucket seats, adjustable steering wheel, and power driver mirrors.

Buying cars and trucks shouldnt be hard. So why not try the trusted LemonFree.com. If you are interested in buying cars or trucks in Chicago, you’ve come to the right place. Looking for illinois car dealerships? try LemonFree today!

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Owning an Illinois Car Dealership

Owning an Illinois Car Dealership

There are many advantages to owning an Illinois car dealership. There are also many things to consider before starting a car dealership of one’s own. If one is in the market either to run a business selling cars or to buy cars from such a business, there are a few things that one should know about the current market. These all play into how many cars are being moved, how expensive they are, and the best kinds of cars to sell if one was to do it today. Illinois is a great state for car sales, but one just has to learn a little bit before setting off on the journey as a dealer. If this is done, one can enjoy excellent success.

One of the obvious benefits of owning an Illinois car dealership is the Chicago market. This is a huge and thriving metropolis, and it has so many cars that there are tons of dealerships within its borders. If one is looking to tackle that market, there will be a fair bit of competition. Others have already started their own businesses, and have no intentions of going anywhere. However, if one sells the right kinds of vehicles, Chicago is also a city with a lot of prospective buyers. It can bring in a lot of income and sales, if the market is approached correctly.

If selling outside of Chicago, however, one can still make the market work in their favor. Chicago might bring in a lot of the buyers, but it also casts off a lot of cars. People who live in the city often work there and take the public transportation, which is very good. Odds are, when they came to the city, they owned a car. Thus, a very good market in Illinois is in used cars. If one can develop connections in Chicago, one can buy a lot of used cars at a relatively low price.

Once one has bought up these cars from the city, one can transport them back outside, to the country. This will take some time, but will be worth it. An Illinois car dealership in the country can thrive, as there is a lot of sprawl there and a lot of people who depend on cars. Some of them want to drive into the city, while others want to get around outside of it, to farms and factories and other such businesses. The used cars from the city can then be sold back to those outside of the city, as they have less access to dealerships and more need for vehicles. It is a great situation to be in as a dealer.

Another benefit of owning an Illinois car dealership is that Illinois is surround by other states, all of which can contribute to the economy by buying cars in Illinois. If one can do a good job of advertising the cars brought out of the city, one’s dealership can have a range that is greater than the state itself. The internet has done wonders to help with this situation, as has television and marketing. States on the borders, such as New Mexico, have a harder time moving vehicles because they cannot sell in all directions. Illinois does not share this problem.

As can be seen, there is a promising future in owning an Illinois car dealership. If one is buying, look for the very dealerships described, as others have started establishing them and there can be great deals found there. If one is starting one up, one needs only to understand the market and the benefits in order to make it big.

Buying cars and trucks shouldnt be hard. So why not try the trusted LemonFree.com. If you are interested in buying cars or trucks in Chicago, you’ve come to the right place. Looking for illinois car dealership? try LemonFree today!

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