Illinois Police Reports

Illinois Police Reports

Public records literally refer to those records that the public can have easy access to for whatever reason or purpose they may have in viewing them. Although they are open to the public, accessing them varies from one state to another. As with the State of Illinois, access to public records is based on the laws that govern the proper use of information and such is protective on the privacy of an individual.

In accordance to the right to privacy, the law has mandated that in searching for Illinois Police Records, consent from the subject himself should be acquired by the person who will conduct the search prior to doing it. That is true even when you conduct the search for a background check for the purpose of employment or for any volunteer work. Once you’re permitted by the said person, the best place to go to will be the Illinois State Police who has all the necessary details regarding these criminal matters.

Aside from being strict on individual’s privacy, the same State also requires every law enforcement agency it has to always update and maintain the records that they hold. Either the update is done on a daily basis, monthly, or perhaps quarterly, it is in that update that the quality of the information that one will obtain from these arrest records will depend on. As of this writing, statistics shows a drop on the percentage of arrest cases in the State of Illinois for the past years.

Just like searching for any other public records, there are a lot of ways to search for Illinois Police  Records. Nowadays, the most common way is through the use of the Internet. It is most likely expected that you’ll have to deal with the very long waiting time when you conduct your search through the government. To avoid any frustrations, you may turn to the paid services from those commercial record providers that are always available online. They can surely help you because they have access to both private and proprietary networks and with other public sources too plus the fact that they can be downloaded in just few minutes.

Everyone bears various reasons in searching for the State of Illinois Police Records. It is said to be usually conducted for the purpose of checking on someone else’s background. That is most helpful for employment purposes. On the other hand, it is also done for security purposes; to safeguard yourself and your family from any possible danger brought about by working with someone whom you don’t know that much personally yet.

Illinois arrest records are always available to the public and everyone has the opportunity to completely access them for whatever reason. Because these records bear someone’s information, its importance is therefore watched by the State that’s why certain laws that govern anyone’s access to these records are imposed. Aside from that, it is also a must that when you conduct a search for these records, you must also adhere to the proper procedures given by the authorities.

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Travel to Galena, Illinois

Travel to Galena, Illinois
But hotels should not only be afraid of Airbnb but must learn from the success. Hotels have made a certain type of travel accommodation that is tailor made and uniform. Customers appreciate the consistency of experience guaranteed by staying at, for example, a Marriott hotel anywhere in the world. And their profit is better than ever.
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But they must distinguish their offerings. Not every room should be the same cookie cutter mold at the same price. They should have a personality, and a variety of amenities, from fully equipped kitchens to second bathrooms to common areas and more.
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The next target market for the Chinese government could be the cryptocurrency market, given that the Chinese government has not led additional initiatives to close cryptocurrency activities and projects within China. Blockchain projects from China such as VeChain and NEO can still continue their developments, because the Chinese government banned the cryptocurrency trade, but it did not store or store them.
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People often say that ghost is very awful, But as for Galena, Illinois, it can be said that ghost are helping keep the city alive together with the old charm of Civil War ear town which attracts tourist to the historic place.


Galena, Illinois, like many other historically-significant industrial revolution cities, was once in danger of dying out economically. A major player in U.S. lead production, the town was nearly decimated when the demand for lead ore took a dive.


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It certainly was not for lack of character. The town and area had long been known for its culture and historical significance. A walk down the city’s main street is something akin to stepping back over a hundred years in time.


It still bears much of the architecture that was common place in the early 1900’s. One can’t help but feel lost in the past amidst the tall, brown brick structures.


Groups like the Galena Historical Society have worked hard over the years to preserve and maintain many of the town’s historical structures. Many of the area’s artifacts are held in the Galena History Museum.


A large number of these artifacts relate to the lead mining industry or the Civil War. Interpreters there explain their significance in local culture.


Serious efforts to revive the town began around the early 1980’s. It was during these years that many downtown businesses, some of which had been located there for decades, began closing or relocating. City and tourism officials were alarmed and began to look for ways to bring business, and visitors, back to the downtown area.


Officials and residents knew that Galena, Illinois had a great deal to offer, thanks to its colorful history. Sites like Civil War General Ulysses S. Grant’s former home, Dowling House and the Belvedere Mansion give visitors a taste of yesteryear. Tourists get a glimpse of what it was like to live there over 100 years ago.


City, tourism and representatives of the business community began meeting to pool ideas for increasing Galena’s popularity. These efforts have given rise to a number of community initiatives, like Vision 2020; meant to generate interest and business in the city. Vision 2020 hopes to implement a number of new community-generated ideas by the year 2020.


Another unique tourist attraction borne out of the pooling of minds was the Haunted Galena Tour. Conceived by the owners of the Annie Wiggins Guest House, it was designed to personalize the history of the town.


Tourists, whether staying at the bed and breakfast or not, are able to take a foot tour of the town. The tour is led by the fictional “Annie Wiggins”, a “ghost” of Galena, Illinois. The tour treks throughout historic downtown Galena, visiting many of the areas “haunts”, like Dowling House and the local cemetery.


Both public initiatives, like Vision 2020, and private ventures like the “Haunted Galena Tour” have done a great deal for the town. They have injected a new vibrancy into the business community, which enjoys a healthy rate of tourism year-round.


Today, many of Galena, Illinois’ old structures have been revived to keep the ghosts of miners and the Civil War pacified. After all, it is these “ghosts” that so many people are now coming to the city to “see”. The ghosts, in fact, may be exactly what have kept it from becoming a “ghost town”.


Civil War buff looking for a great place to visit? Try historic Galena, Illinois. Stay in comfort at a Galena IL bed and breakfast. There are several outstanding Galena bed and breakfast establishments available for your enjoyment.

A Simple Illinois Divorce

A Simple Illinois Divorce

There is an Illinois divorce option available to some people known as an Illinois Simplified Dissolution of Marriage or Joint Simplified Divorce. However, not everybody qualifies for this procedure. There are certain prerequisites that both spouses must meet. Even if these requirements are met, there can be serious consequences that result from utilizing the Simplified Divorce.

The Requirements:  In order to use the Joint Simplified Dissolution of Marriage procedure in Illinois, both spouses must meet the following ten requirements…

The grounds for divorce must be “irreconcilable differences.”  This is essentially a “no-fault” divorce.  These differences must have caused a permanent breakdown of the marriage.  The spouses must have made serious attempts to save the marriage and now be certain that it is over.
A divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences normally requires the spouses to have lived separate and apart for at least two years.  For a Simplified Divorce, the spouses must agree to waive this two-year requirement, but still must have lived separate and apart for at least six months.
The spouses must have been married for less than eight years and one or both spouses must have lived in Illinois for at least ninety days before filing.
The spouses must not have children together or have adopted children together.
The spouses’ combined income must be less than $ 35,000 and the total value of marital property must be less than $ 10,000.
Neither spouse may own real property.
Each spouse must be willing to permanently give up any right to maintenance (alimony).
The spouses are required to tell each other about any assets that they have and all tax returns filed during the marriage.
The husband and wife must write sign an agreement that divides all of the assets worth more than $ 100.00 that were acquired during the marriage as well as responsibility for the couples debts. The property must be divided and documents (such as automobile titles, etc.) eschanged before the court hearing.
The husband and wife must waive their rights to a bifurcated hearing. A bifurcated hearing in one held in two parts, one to decide the issues relating to granting the dissolution, and another to decide any property or other issues.  Since the parties must agree to the division of their property before the hearing, there is no reason for a two-part hearing.

If these requirements are met, and the couple can really agree about the division of their property and debts, then the couple can file the required paperwork and schedule a hearing.  Once the judge enters an order for the dissolution of marriage, the parties are no longer married.  The filing fee for a Chicago divorce (Cook County Circuit Court) is currently $ 319 (as of July of 2009).

The Drawbacks:

The obvious drawback of the simpliied divorce is that the spouses must give up the right to maintenance permanently.  Once somebody loses the right to maintenance, they can never receive support from the ex-spouse.  Another downside is that spouses can not always agree on the division of assets and debt.  Finally, the simplified Illinois divorce makes it tempting for parties to proceed without an attorney. 

It is always in the best interest of each party to consult an attorney regarding divorce.  If the divorce is truly uncontested, many Chicago divorce lawyers offer a reasonable flat fee.  If some of the issues do become contested, it is reassuring to have an attorney to rely upon to answer legal questions.

John C. Kunes, Esq.
Attorney & Counselor at Law
The Law Office of John C. Kunes, P.C.
3843 North Broadway Street
Chicago, Illinois 60613
Chicago Divorce Lawyer

Illinois Wrongful Birth Lawyers

Illinois Wrongful Birth Lawyers

When doctors, geneticists or other medical professionals fail to warn parents of a genetic or congenital disorder during pregnancy, parents can sue for “wrongful birth.” The idea is that “Wrongful birth” lawsuits are brought by parents to terminate the pregnancy if they had been aware of their child’s condition prior to birth.


These parents are suing the doctors or other medical professionals who were in charge of ordering or interpreting various genetic tests. The parents are seeking compensation for the extraordinary expenses of caring for a disabled child, claiming that it was not their choice, and in fact the fault of doctors, that they are incurring these costs.


The costs of caring for a disabled child vary based on the type of disability and the duration and depth of care required. Generally these costs are incurred while the child is a minor (younger than 18 years old). But in some cases disabled children can require care beyond this age. In some states, including Illinois, parents can be compensated for these post-majority expenses, as well. In Illinois, parents in wrongful birth lawsuits cannot recover the costs of raising a typical child without disabilities; their compensation is limited to the extra costs of caring for a child with a physical or mental impairment.


Other issues include emotional distress. Although emotional distress seems obvious in these cases, it can be very hard to prove. To be compensated, it is not enough to feel sadness, disappointment and stress over the birth of a disabled child. The emotional distress must be caused by being in physical danger as a result of the child’s disability. This is usually very hard to prove.


“Wrongful birth” lawsuits are brought by parents. There is an equivalent lawsuit that can be brought by children, called “wrongful life” lawsuits. Wrongful life cases are difficult, for the parents and for the courts. They bring up serious and controversial questions about the value of a life. In a wrongful life lawsuit the disabled child is claiming that they should be compensated because if the doctor had properly warned their parents, they would have avoided being born.


Wrongful life lawsuits are not allowed in all states. For example, in Illinois, wrongful life is not legally recognized. The reason is that courts have trouble determining at what point, if at all, a disabled person’s life is worse than having no life at all. So courts often avoid this question altogether.


For more information on Illinois medical malpractice laws we suggest that you visit

Visit Manteno Illinois For Oktoberfest

Visit Manteno Illinois For Oktoberfest

If you are looking for a great place to celebrate Oktoberfest look no further than Manteno Illinois. Oktoberfest is all that this little village talks about the entire months of August and September gearing up for this enormous party. Not only does the entire town participate in the celebration, but the Manteno Illinois hospital also prepares for the additional visitors that will be in the area.

For those who don’t know what Oktoberfest is, it is a sixteen day festival that is held each year in Munich Germany. The original Oktoberfest took place in 1810 to commemorate the marriage between Crown Price Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. This festival takes place during late September and runs into early October. This festival is without a doubt the world’s largest fair with an average of six million people attending every year. Those partaking in the festival consume vast amounts of food, such as chicken, pork, sausages, and sauerkraut. But most famously, glass after glass of beer is consumed. In 2007, the Oktoberfest festival in Germany poured almost 7 million liters of beer. It is no wonder why this celebration is so popular throughout the entire world.

If you are going to be taking advantage of the wonderful Manteno Illinois healthcare and will be in the area during this celebration, be sure to attend the villages’ parade. This parade isn’t just your ordinary float parade. This parade is a lighted parade. All of the floats that enter the parade must have lights in their design. If you have young ones the carnival is the event for you. The Fantasy Amusement Company will be providing over forty rides, games and concessions. Keep your eyes peeled for specials on the sales of tickets. There are some gas stations that offer coupons and some days have unlimited rides during certain hours. If you are looking for a place to ride some spectacular rides, this Oktoberfest is the place for you to be.

So whether you are from Manteno or just happen to be in town for the excellent Manteno healthcare, this Oktoberfest will be a great time for all. Even the younger children will have fun in the Kid’s Corner. Kids can build their own pet rock, tour the Manteno quarry, dig for fossils in the sandbox and climb a 24 foot rock wall. This celebration is the place for people of all ages to have a great time. If you are looking for great food or arts and crafts, this Oktoberfest will have plenty to keep you busy.

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